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Have Neverland Your Way

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Dance is a universal language, a wonderful source of fitness and friendship - but every dance journey is unique! At Neverland, we pride ourselves on creating fulfilling pathways for every…

Learning Choreography Quickly

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Whether you are at a convention or learning another competition dance, picking up choreography is very important for dancers. For some, picking up choreography comes easy and for others, it…

How to tame your nerves at exam time

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The big day is fast-approaching, and you’re starting to feel those familiar butterflies in your stomach – so how do you tame those dance exam nerves? Here are some helpful…

Spotlight on Rachel Erichsen: The joy of adult dance

| Industry Insights | No Comments
Hi, I'm Rachel, I have been a dance teacher for over 30 years and I just love teaching and encouraging adults to dance. "The essence of dance I believe is…

Spotlight on Malcolm Aholelei Brown: Life as a Male Dancer

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I was 14 years old when I started dance in high school and I auditioned for the 'Mega Schools Crew'. At this point in time there were already so many…

A Parent Asks, Are Online Dance Classes Really Worth It?

| Dance From Home | No Comments
Article courtesy of dance-teacher.com. Question: In this period of economic uncertainty, my family is looking at our budget from every angle. Enrolment at the dance studio is now—but no one…

The many benefits of dance for kids

| Industry Insights | No Comments
Kids naturally love movement. They’re young, full of energy, and ready to see what this new body of theirs is capable of doing. One of the things they love to…

Spotlight on Emilia Snelgrove: My two passions in life

| Staff Profiles | No Comments
"My curiosity and love for travelling is almost as big as my passion for dance. Combine them together, and BAM there’s my dream experience all rolled into one!" All the…

Spotlight on the colourful Heidi Chen

| Staff Profiles | No Comments
Determination and versatility are two key traits that have helped me flourish in my dance education, career and working in the entertainment industries . Like many of us at Neverland,…

Improving Your Jumps

| Tips and Tricks | No Comments
We all dream about doing a super high grand jeté. Having the audience be in awe of the moment you appear to be floating in the air. Not only does…

Spotlight on Briardee Yansen: How Personal Training has shaped her Dance/Teaching Journey

| Staff Profiles | No Comments
I started Personal Training and Fitness Instructing for many reasons but the two main ones were : 1. I was a competitive dancer who was ALWAYS injured! I didn’t know…

Dance Audition Advice for Students

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The Perfect Arch

| Featured, Tips and Tricks | No Comments
Dancers are always looking for ways to obtain that “perfect arch”. Every foot is genetically designed differently and not everybody will be able to achieve that “perfect arch”. Stretching and…

Royal Academy of Dance Exams Experience

| Industry Insights | No Comments

How to create the perfect Ballet Bun

| Tips and Tricks | No Comments

My Life as a Professional Ballerina

| Industry Insights | No Comments

A Day in the Life of a Prima Ballerina

| Industry Insights | No Comments

Is working on a cruise ship as luxurious as it sounds?

| Industry Insights | No Comments
Part 1: Anchors Aweigh! If it has always been your dream to dance on a cruise ship, it’s high time to find out if a job with a cruise line…

How to improve flexibility

| Tips and Tricks | No Comments
Dancers all over the world are constantly asking questions such as… “How can I get more flexible?” “How do I get into the splits?” “What are the best ways to…

Finding the dance style that’s right for you

| Tips and Tricks | No Comments
Dance is forever changing and evolving, with new variations and combinations of styles appearing seemingly every day! It can be a daunting prospect to try and find where you fit…

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