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Determination and versatility are two key traits that have helped me flourish in my dance education, career and working in the entertainment industries .

Like many of us at Neverland, I started dancing at a very young age, when I was four years old.

“As a child I worked very hard and I wanted to train and achieve goals rather than just play and have fun.”

As my role models, my parents taught and guided me how to be determined and passionate about everything I chose to be involved in. Being a crazy Gemini, as well as my dance lessons, I also picked up violin, singing, board-casting and acting just to challenge myself and keep super busy!! But deep inside I knew my true love was dance.

At age nine I was lucky to be chosen to go to the ‘School of Military Culture, National Defense University of the People’s Liberation Army of China’. This school was one of the top three art academies in China as well as the only military art school. Here I found myself away from home, going through the strictest training I could possibly imagine. We learnt dance as well as how to shoot guns!! We had mini exams every week and the group of students would get smaller and smaller due to how tough it was. I studied here for five years and even performed for the President of China and all the hard work paid off.

When I was 15 I wanted a brand new challenge and decided to move, (by myself!), to New Zealand to explore different cultures and art forms. I have to say, it’s the best decision I’ve made in my life so far. NZ is my home now. I have established my life and career as an artist and teacher. I’ve trained in many other western dance genres and gained degrees in dance education. With all of this amazing training and qualifications behind my back, I’m lucky enough to be able to work across industries in various productions both nationally and internationally.

My versatility has definitely been a very important factor for establishing my career. Without the determination that I have I would never have achieved anything that I ever wanted to do.

“The process of studying, training and persevering through tough times can be very challenging but remember always keep your head up , just imagine that sweet satisfied feeling once you’ve overcome everything!!”


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