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Dance is forever changing and evolving, with new variations and combinations of styles appearing seemingly every day! It can be a daunting prospect to try and find where you fit in this constantly developing world of dance. So, here are a few handy tips to guide you through!

First of all, don’t limit yourself! The most important thing to remember in dance is that you’re never restricted to just one style. Whether you’ve trained for ballet since you were four, or have been been a hip-hop legend all your life, straying from what you consider to be your style is essential to growing as a dancer! Dance genres nowadays are such fluid concepts that single-style dancers are few and far between; branching out from tap to contemporary to musical theatre to hip hop is not just encouraged, but is vital to every dancer.

The diversity of a dancer’s styles not only helps you to expand your abilities but can help you improve in the styles you already know and love. The foundations of every genre of dance translate into other genres, even those that seem like polar opposites! Ballet training is unbelievably valuable for hip hop, as is contemporary for jazz, and many other overlapping styles. Don’t define yourself by the one you feel most comfortable in; expanding your horizons to new and challenging styles can do worlds of wonder for your dancing! So try EVERYTHING. Diversity is the most valuable asset to a dancer!

Secondly, it is never too late to begin dancing! Whether you step into your first pair of ballet shoes at age three, thirteen or thirty, it is truly never too late to begin your dancing journey. The thought of tackling an entirely foreign style for the first time can be intimidating, but could potentially expose you to a passion for a genre you didn’t even know you liked. Some of the most epic dancers in the world only began dancing in their later years, but discovered their passion and have been dancing ever since. Here at Neverland Studios, we offer classes for all ages and styles, catering to all levels of ability, so you can be sure that no matter if you’re walking into class as a newbie or an expert, you’ll be walking into a safe and welcoming space. There is no better place to try something completely new, set yourself new and challenging goals, and explore the limits of your body and mind.

Lastly, always dance for yourself. Choose a style based on your own experiences, physical ability and preferences, regardless of what others think or enjoy. Dance is a place to express yourself, find your passion and explore your limits, not to compare or compete with others. Regardless of your experience or your ability, let yourself be motivated by your passion for dance, for growth and for purpose, and love your dancing for how it makes you feel rather than how it makes you look!

Overall, finding the perfect style for you is as simple as listening to your body, being brave enough to reach out of your comfort zone and dancing only for yourself. Dance can open up a world of passion and joy for you if you only give it a chance!

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