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Hi, I’m Rachel, I have been a dance teacher for over 30 years and I just love teaching and encouraging adults to dance.

“The essence of dance I believe is JOY, a feeling in yourself when you are truly open and connected with the music, with the movement and with yourself.”

Adults have such a good understanding of themselves and yet have often not invested huge time in this kind of experience. So it’s such a privilege for me to provide a space where we can be reminded that dance is accessible to us all, for our own reasons and goals.

The reasons for most attending is to do something for themselves! That in itself is a powerful motive to come to class with! It is also great fitness, as once the music is on and you are bound by the rhythm and tempo, it very much becomes exercise in disguise! It also benefits your self confidence, co-ordination, mobility and agility.

I like to keep the movements simple but with lots of style and attitude, so that every level of ability can come into class and get something from it. It is important that we feel empowered when we leave dance class, so a healthy balance of picking up the choreography and feeling like we transported ourselves into a fun and healthy space for an hour, is always my primary goal.

Connecting on this level also means we usually have a good laugh with each other and with ourselves, meaning there is a great social aspect to coming to dance class and it is one of the highlights of my teaching week!

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