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Dance is a universal language, a wonderful source of fitness and friendship – but every dance journey is unique! At Neverland, we pride ourselves on creating fulfilling pathways for every student – no matter what their ambition or motivation for turning up to class may be!



Full-time raver – part-time dancer!

At its roots, dance is a social activity, designed to bring people together! If you love music and moving your body, a dance class (or two 😉) is the place to be! Neverland classes are designed to foster friendships in a supportive and fun environment. Laugh and sweat as you build confidence in connecting with yourself, others, and the audience! Take part in themed weeks, special events, class showings, exams, and the awesome annual Neverland show!


We want our dancers around for a good time and a long time!

Holistic health is a fundamental focus of our teaching model. We see our students as people first, and dancers second and believe this has been the key to our success as a school. We understand that the vast majority of our students will ultimately go on to other career pursuits. Thus, our primary objective is to use dance as a tool to teach life skills – expression, focus, teamwork, discipline, drive, and resilience.

There are over a hundred regular classes on our weekly timetable for enthusiastic dancers, who are still developing, have important commitments elsewhere, or are in a season of changing priorities. Keep the Neverland magic in your week, with the freedom to structure your schedule with greater flexibility in regard to hours, genre, and style of class! From Mini Open Ballet to Advanced Hip Hop (and all that’s in between), every Neverland class promises to engage its students at a heart level, based on their individual goals and definition of success.


Is it time to upsize your experience?!

As an industry leader, Neverland provides an outstanding platform for its most motivated and passionate students who want an extra ‘push’. On top of their instrumental regular tuition, extend classes are a space designed to challenge and stretch dedicated dancers in their technique, performance, and choreographic maturity.

While continuing to value the importance of rest and play, the competition scene is a high-intensity environment that comes with high expectations in regard to self-leadership, accountability, and professionalism. Troupe, squad, and crew members are those who have set dance as their primary recreational pursuit and understand the importance of that commitment to their teammates and teachers, as they represent themselves and our school across New Zealand and overseas.


We are in to big dreams!

For those who picture their future in the dance industry, there is no better place to kick-start your career than with Neverland! We love partnering with pre-professional students, putting our weight behind their ambition with tailored programmes, invested mentors, teachers, and choreographers.

These dancers live and breathe the stage and studio! They are high-performing extend members (and often soloists) who max out their timetable, apply themselves in every class environment and adopt their own personal training regimes at home. They are leaders and Neverland ambassadors, who epitomise our values in personal conduct, class contribution, work ethic, and dance execution. Through the Neverland Internship Programme (for prospective dance teachers), Neverland Talent Agency, and our ongoing relationships with many international tertiary dance schools, there are numerous opportunities for Neverland to help open the door to your ‘next step’.

Welcome home! Neverland is just a small studio, with a lot of people and great vision! While it can feel big at the outset, every student is seen, known, valued and belongs. Whether you’re looking for a casual and creative release or training for a professional dance career – you can find your fit in our family!

See you in class!

Michelle. xx

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