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I started Personal Training and Fitness Instructing for many reasons but the two main ones were :

1. I was a competitive dancer who was ALWAYS injured! I didn’t know it was crucial to strengthen my body outside of the dancing I was doing and I wasn’t sure how to properly care for my body.
2 . I would never survive working a desk job…I need to move!!

Becoming a Personal Trainer has allowed me to share my knowledge with my students. I can teach them the importance of looking after their body and how to do it! My skills as a PT have enabled me to work with our Extend kids, prepping them for competitions both physically and mentally. I’ve been lucky enough to share my passion of dance with students and include fitness and conditioning into their classes, which is a slightly different approach to many other teachers. Even my Juniors get a taste of  fitness in their classes!

“Becoming a Personal Trainer has really taught me how my body works. I know how far I can push my body in dance and when I need to pull back. It has made me more aware of how to correctly move my body without injuring myself.”

Overall there has been nothing but positives after becoming a Personal Trainer. It’s so rewarding watching my kids succeed when they attempt challenging exercises and to witness their willingness to try new things! It feels amazing to know I’ve helped my dancers become more educated about their own body.

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