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Welcome To Neverland

Neverland Studios is one of New Zealand’s leading dance studios, providing excellent tuition across a wide range of genres including Jazz, Hip Hop, Contemporary, Musical Theatre, Ballet, Tap, Pre-School Dance and specialized Adult Classes.

Neverland prides itself on the passionate environment we have created with dedicated teachers and well rounded, capable and respectful dancers.

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Why choose Neverland?

Meet Ash

Ash is the Strategic & Creative Director of Neverland. She’s passionate, ambitious and 100% committed to reaching new heights and aspirations for the entire Neverland community. Ash’s goal is to ensure Neverland continues to be an amazing and dynamic place for its staff, parents and dancers.

Meet Alley

Alley is the lead on all logistics at Neverland and is hugely involved with events including the end of year show and international dance trips. Alley has extensive experience working in the Auckland commercial dance scene. Her passion for dance makes her an integral component of Neverland’s success.

Take it to the next level


Neverland Extend is specifically designed for our top dancers to reach their full potential.
Dancers who are keen to pursue their passion for dance can audition each year for Hip Hop crews, Jazz and Contemporary troupes and Ballet squads.

All of our extend dancers participate in competitions and events throughout the year that help to develop their performance skills through to a professional level.


Every year Neverland holds a fantastic, professional show which is the highlight of the year. All dancers participate, which is not only an amazing way to inspire and develop our students performance ability and confidence, but also a fantastic opportunity to teach them about teamwork, community and global awareness.

Each show is based on an original script that aims to tackle a relevant and topical theme. The Neverland shows are always so much more than just a dance show!


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